Image of the 2017 Hospitality Gala Planners class.

The Planning Committee

A team of over twenty event planners are fully engaged with the planning, organizing, and execution of the 26th staging of THE Hospitality GALA. The team is comprised of hotel leaders and HOSP faculty advisors and students. Team members are focused on marketing, operations, and design of the event as well as the creation of silent and live auction packages. Team members work to secure enviable travel and leisure package donations that are of exceptional value to our guests by engaging and interacting with sponsors/donors.



Picture of 2017 Planner Caitlin Cotton


Caitlin Cotton

My name is Caitlin Cotton and I am a Junior in the Hotel and Restaurant Management program here at Auburn University. I first started working in the hospitality industry when I was in high school and assisted a family friend with her catering business. From the start, I was enraptured with this bustling industry, especially catering and restaurants. I have been working in the kitchen of a local restaurant for two years, and upon graduation I plan on working full time in food and beverage somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. War Eagle!


Picture of 2017 Planner Olivia Dearman


Olivia Dearman

War Eagle! My name is Olivia Dearman. I am a senior from Birmingham, Alabama. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major with my concentrations being Communication, Non-Profit and Philanthropy, and Leadership along with Hospitality electives. Auburn has given me so many wonderful opportunities but the one I could not be more thankful for is the year and a half I was able to work alongside the Auburn Athletic Special Events Department. I am honored to get to work with The Hospitality Gala because I know this experience will help me to further my skills and broaden my horizon in order to pursue whatever career path I decide within the industry upon graduation.


Picture of 2017 Planner Joie Hale


Joie Hale

War Eagle! My name is Joie Hale and I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm currently a senior studying Hospitality Management. I have a love for serving others and hospitality allows me to pursue my passion. I look forward to assisting in the planning efforts for this year’s gala. This class is going to help me learn to execute small details of an event and provide me real world experience that I need in order to be successful.


Picture of 2017 Planner Katie Howell


Katie Howell

Hello! My name is Katie Howell and I am from Birmingham, AL. I am currently a senior at Auburn University pursuing a major in Hospitality Management. I am excited to be assisting with the hospitality gala this year and I hope to use the knowledge and experienced gained from this opportunity to further pursue my career in the hospitality industry after graduation.


Picture of 2017 Planner Anna Nicole Larson


Anna Nicole Larson

Hello! My name is Anna Nicole Larson, and I am a senior from Long Island, New York in the Hospitality program, with a minor in Business. I am looking forward to assisting in planning of The Hospitality Gala this year. Once I graduate from Auburn, I would like to return home to New York and pursue a career in Event Management.


Picture of 2017 Planner Samantha Orum


Samantha Orum

My name is Samantha Orum, and I am currently a Senior in the Hospitality Management program from Mobile, Alabama. I currently work as a Front Office Supervisor at the Hotel at Auburn University, and I am also the Copy Editor for the Glomerata, Auburn University's yearbook. My only experience in events is as a banquet server, so I am eager to see the event coordinator side of the industry in this class. My ultimate goal is to be a General Manager of a resort later in my career, so I am very excited to help plan the Hospitality Gala this year to broaden my experience in the industry!


Picture of 2017 Planner Catherine Pirani


Morgan Perry

War Eagle! My name is Morgan Perry and I am a Junior here at Auburn University. I am pursuing a major in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child-life and I hope to one day work as a child-life specialist in a non-profit setting. I am so excited to be working alongside the Hotel at Auburn University Staff and Auburn Hospitality faculty as we put together the 2017 Gala. I look forward to all that I will have the honor of learning and to getting to know the event planning world a little better.


Picture of 2017 Planner Catherine Pirani


Catherine Pirani

My name is Catherine Pirani from Huntsville Alabama. I am currently a senior majoring in Hotel Restaurant Management with a minor in business. I have always been passionate about serving others and making sure they get the most out of their experience. Being a waitress for over a year and helping with catering I have been able to gain knowledge in the industry. I am excited to assist in this gala to get more familiarity in big scale events. I hope to achieve a full time position in the hospitality field after graduation in May.


Picture of 2017 Planner Jess Ramsey


Jess Ramsey

I am a Senior in the Hospitality Management program at Auburn University and plan on graduating in the Summer of 2018. I changed majors three times from Finance to Marketing to Entrepreneurship and finally felt at home with hospitality. I ran a concession stand for many years from middle school through high school which originally sparked my interest in restaurants and sports lodges. With both comes events and parties so I feel that helping put together something as special as the 2017 Hospitality Gala will give me the skill to be able to handle an event of smaller proportions. I have had experience with events through jobs with the Ritz-Carlton on Reynolds Plantation, and my current job cooking and sometimes prepping for events for Acre in downtown Auburn, Alabama. This opportunity with the Auburn Hospitality Gala will help me on my path to one day hopefully running my own restaurant or hunting & fishing lodge.


Picture of 2017 Planner Megan Sullivan


Megan Sullivan

War Eagle! My name is Megan Sullivan and I’m a senior here at Auburn University. I'm part of the Interdisciplinary Studies program and my emphases are Business & Philanthropy Nonprofit. I’m grateful to be involved with this year’s event planning team; it allows me to create an experience that will aid me with fundraising and planning major events in my future. Being from Palm Beach, Florida, I have been blessed to experience a few phenomenal fundraising events! I plan to apply my creativity and take full advantage of this hands on course.