The Hospitality Gala 2020 Planner Sarah Lynn Sharpton


Sarah Lynn Sharpton, Junior
Birmingham, AL

My name is Sarah Lynn and I am a junior from Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up with many dreams and aspirations, when college was around the corner and the time came to choose a major to pursue, I had not the faintest idea. Having a passion for people I chose nursing after my mother, but I soon realized a stronger interest within the hospitality industry rather than the medical field. As organized as I am, I should have known from the beginning, event planning was my path. I had planned countless family vacations, birthday parties, and so much more, and had only thought of it as a hobby. The thought of being able to do what I loved for a living was a dream to me. My dream has finally come true and I could not be any happier. This year’s Hospitality Gala has been one of my favorite events to plan, and I cannot wait to see our visions come to life!

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