The Hospitality Gala 2022 Planner Peyton Hauf


Peyton Hauf
Dallas, TX

My name is Peyton Hauf and I am a Senior from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in the city, I have always had a taste for new experiences and what life can offer me. Having the ability to try new things and new experiences has grown my love for the hospitality industry and blossomed me into the professional I am now. This has even further, fueled my passion for who I eventually want to be. I have decided to major in the Event Management program at Auburn with a minor in Business Management. I have always had a passion for organization and planning, and event management has allowed me to flourish in this skill. As a student I have had the opportunity to use my skills and learn from professionals in my field, through a local company in Auburn. They have given me the ability to learn and practice my knowledge to the fullest extent. With my experience in events to date, and the knowledge I have gained through my degree; I truly believe this year’s gala will be the best one yet.

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