The Hospitality Gala 2022 Planner Lauren Wiggins


Lauren Wiggins
Thomasville, AL

My name is Lauren Wiggins, and I am a senior from Thomasville, Alabama. I have always had a passion for creating memorable experiences for people and seeing their expression as they enjoy something you created. I believe this is what drew me to Auburn's hospitality program. I am also extremely thankful for the opportunities and resources that have been presented to me through this program, and I feel fully prepared and confident to enter the "real world" in May. I currently work at 540 at The Park, which is an executive meeting and event center, as an assistant event coordinator. I enjoy working with corporate events, and I plan to pursue corporate event planning when I graduate. I am so excited to plan for the 27th annual Hospitality Gala, and I am confident this will be one to remember. War Eagle!

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