The Hospitality Gala 2020 Planner Keegan Rawls


Keegan Rawls, Senior

My name is Keegan Rawls and I am a senior in the Event Management track of the hospitality program at Auburn with a minor in business. I am the daughter of a General in the Air Force and have spent the majority of my life moving from state to state every year or so. I am what my parents like to call a "global nomad". I chose this major because the lifestyle I have been lucky enough to live has sparked a passion in me for people, different cultures, travel, and creating a special meaningful moment in someone's life. The hospitality program at Auburn has only ignited my passions and love for this industry and continues to offer endless amounts of opportunities to grow and experience real-world situations. I plan on taking the Intro Sommelier test in the spring and apply for trips to places like Trinchero and Napa Valley. None of this would be possible without the support from the amazing program, faculty, and generous donors. It has been absolutely incredible being on the team to make the 2020 Hospitality Gala come to life!

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