The Hospitality Gala 2020 Planner Charlton Kam


Charlton Kam, Junior
Auburn, AL

My name is Charlton Kam and I am from Auburn, AL. Currently I am a Junior majoring in Hospitality Event Management. I chose this major because of the incredible opportunities that come along with this degree, but more importantly because of my passion to serve others. My love for events started at my house while I was growing up. As a family, we always hosted many festive events and I always loved putting up decorations, setting up the food and entertaining the guests as they arrived. I could see the joy it brought everyone else and knew this was something I could do for the rest of my life. Being able to plan the Hospitality Gala for 2020 has given me invaluable insight into the world of event management and skills that will carry into my career. My plan after graduation is to coordinate corporate and social events with the hopes of eventually opening up my own event management company one day.

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