The Hospitality Gala 2018 Chef Trace Tedde-Vega


Trace Tedde-Vega

Wood Colony, Ca

Trace Tedde-Vega is Chef Partner at Magnolia Southern Kitchen in Wood Colony, California. She is also the Chef Director and Real Food Evangelist for Hope's Farm & Kitchen powered by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Her past endeavors have included being a Private Chef to many notable San Francisco Bay Area celebrities & public figures and has toured with multiple major rock bands, keeping them well fed while they travelled across the country and at fesitvals with bands including Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Fogerty, Journey, Steve Miller Band, Erykah Badu and The Shins. Previously, she was the Executive Pastry Chef and then Executive Catering Chef at Big City Chefs known for the "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" show on Food Network.

Trace began her culinary career at an early age in her family's Michelin starred continental restaurant in Northern England. She rose from a Prep Cook to Executive Pastry Chef. While her classical training was in the Pastry arena, Chef Trace wasn't satisfied with that focus alone & began to study with a local Master Chef, Butchers and Farmers to expand her skill set and hone a true farm to table approach. She has maintained leadership positions in renowned Michelin starred kitchens, studied in Europe & the US, has cooked for rockstars, politicians & corporate leaders, but her passion is inspiring, empowering and educating children.

When she is not cooking for the famous folk, she is working in school gardens & urban farms to grow delicious fare and teach kids and families how to cook it all up!